Camp Emerald Forest

Eric & Florence Bauder, Camp Directors Eric & Florence Bauder
work: 503-397-4226

15 miles west of St. Helens Oregon, the Camp is within Bauder’s Emerald Forest, a working 240-acre Certified Timber Farm/Logging Operation 45 miles NW of Portland.

Trees planted and grown on The Emerald Forest in Goble were cut to produce the lumber to construct Wilark Lodge. Trees for posts and beams, and lumber for The Little Black Bear Lodge, were harvested on the Emerald Forest at Wilark. Old logging saws and antiques add a warm and rustic charm.

Awesome views of Mts. Rainier, St. Helens, Adams and Hood await all coming or going! 


is to serve and glorify GOD through JESUS CHRIST by providing Camping/Retreat Facilities for Bible-believing Churches, Families, and Guest Groups who wish to further Educational or Scientific Purposes not in conflict with historically held Christian beliefs; a PLACE where persons of all ages and nationalities may form a Temporary Community for the purpose of strengthening the whole person Spiritually, Mentally, Socially and Physically!


THE BIBLE is the authoritative WORD OF GOD! GOD ETERNALLY EXISTS, and is made manifest in the Person of JESUS CHRIST and in the HOLY SPIRIT. Because of the Deity of Christ, His shed blood in death, His Resurrection and Ascension to reign eternally with God, WE MAY, BY FAITH IN CHRIST, HAVE GOD’S GIFT OF SALVATION, setting us free from the bondage of Satan, and putting us in the right relationship with God eternally!

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Adult Sunday School

9:00 AM

Sunday Service

10:00 AM






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