“The Barrel”

Men coming together to help each other hit the mark God has targeted for each of us.

“The Barrel” men’s group considers each man to be like a bullet. Each one designed for a specific purpose. The bullet cannot choose its own target but must be aimed. The bullet cannot launch itself, but must be propelled. The propellant cannot light itself but must be ignited.
God the Father, chooses the target. God the Son does the sending (primer) and God the Spirit is the power (powder).
As the men of YCF come together, lifting each other up and challenging each other onward in Christ, we become the barrel, surrounding one another with encouragement, hope, and reminders of purpose.
Helping to direct each man toward the target God has set before him. Hitting the target is good, but our goal as we come together is to assist each man so that he might hit the bulls eye .
 Men’s events include camping, hunting and fishing trips, game and chili “cook offs” and Bible studies.

David Worlitz, Men’s Ministry Leader

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